The girl that was lost in secular music

This is a story of a girl that went to church to find out the truth about GOD and the enemy. She urged to know about the spiritual world, one thing was certain she didn’t want to serve the evil one.  So she pleaded to THE I AM to send her a sign.

 MATTHEW 7:7 -8 [Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking and the door will be opened.(8) For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, then door will be opened].

it began with music, she loved music ever since she was a little girl but she only listened to the secular ones. Few times the Lord sent people in her life to warn her, Music of the world is meant to worship the enemy, what is not of God is of the enemy, things many told her but she never believed nor did she want to listen. But Something in her always made her question herself.  

EPHESIANS 5:19 [Singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves and making music to the Lord in your heart].

When she began to go to church she said Lord if you do exist and if in this world there are things meant for you and the other to the enemy then send me a sign on music, is what everyone telling me really true or are they just inventing these?

She wondered and wondered during the whole week, as said as done the Lord sent her a sign ,the topic at the church was about secular music, a coincidence hmm, so she thought the first time. 

she was shocked but still confused so there she went again another week of questioning and wondering(we humans though ughhh, even if God answers us we still doubt). The other Sunday once again at another church the topic was about secular music . They explain how Satan was once called Lucifer and He was the angel of music and now He uses it so we can worship him and in some way win our soul. 

ISAIAH 14:11-12 [Your might and power were buried with you. The sound of the harp in your palace has ceased. Now maggots are your sheet and worms your blanket.(12) How you are fallen from heaven, O shining star, son of the morning! you have been thrown down to the earth, you who destroyed the nations of the world.

And that was it for her and secular music she deleted them little by little until she permanently stopped. 

And day by day all she wanted was more knowledge of the spiritual world and the physical world and the Lord has blessed her ever since. She has been through trials and tribulations many obstacles came her way’ things that could make anyone in her shoe give up and leave the church, but because she wanted to know the truth and know more about God she stayed, it wasn’t and still isn’t easy for her but she’s not giving up and she’s not giving up on God for anyone.

This story is based on a real life story, I hope it encourages someone in a way that when you ask God for something HE will give it to you and if you have doubts about secular music, and also when you search for GOD He makes HISELF known. See you soon. ©Berta 14-01-2019



Crying out for you

It’s not easy

but I’m trying

The battle is hard

But I’m fighting

At times I wants to give up

But i dislike losing

So i lift my head up

And cry “God send down your anointing

My spirit is in pain

When my friends and family

Aren’t listening.

I care about your soul

So my soul is suffocating

Whenever you tell Jesus no.

I beg God each day to take control

To help you with the problems you are facing

To please touch your heart

Allowing you to feel His love, it’s so amazing

Even if today i see no results

I’ll keep on praying

Because i know that God’s faithfulness

Is true and everlasting.

©Berta   21-12-2018

My life for Christ


I was not born a Christian

I wasn’t a believer at a young age

I wasn’t raised in a Christian home far from that.

I gave my life to Christ on my own, it was my personal decision, no one begged me nor forced me neither did they brainwash me like some say.

I became a believer the day He touched me, the day the Holy spirit brought me to my knees. He made me realize that GOD is real . I realized that what the world had to offer wasn’t good enough for me.

The world brought me pain, anger, hatred, disappointment, stress, envy, lust, failure, uninteresting pleasure, brokenhearted, weakness, sickness, dark thoughts, fake love and the list goes on and on.

JESUS has brought me HIS love, true peace, comfort, healing, deliverance, care, gifts and talents, spoils me with blessings, grace, mercy, protection, unmerited favors, inspiration, reconciliation, answers to my many questions.

JESUS coming back for me was the best thing ever happened to me, and me choosing to accept was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life living on this earth.

I refuse to go back, i refuse to allow anyone to come in between what God and I have.

Through temptation, God always made a way out that i may not fall in it, through choosing not to fall back allowed me to realize that I truly Love GOD, and when i say it i can say it boldly. I LOVE YOU MY JESUS

Its hard but if i have to lose everyone just to stay real with Christ and live a life He planned for me since the beginning i will do it.

I hope  this encourages someone, even if you were not a believer that doesn’t mean God doesn’t care about you, He is capable of changing you and using you. God is alive and faithful to HIS people. Don’t allow anyone to come between your relationship with Christ!!!  Don’ give up on GOD cause trust me He will never give up on you, just have faith and be patient.

See you guys very soon 👋 🤗💖

he is trying to take me out|A poem


He keeps playing with my head
To give up
He keeps accusing me
So i could stop
To turn my back away from you
But i haven’t forgot
You allowed me to drink your wine
From your holy cup
Me a nobody.

You made a somebody

not to the world.

But to your home. He thought i was joking when i told you yes! He doesn’t understand when I’m speaking. Now he’s the one in a mess. I will put him to shame, for your name i will Forever proclaim.

Everywhere i go

I Will make you known

To the captive

They are no longer his own

Let whoever think they are better

Cast the first stone

Every workers of inequity

shall forever leave us alone

He has lost the battle

Forever driven out the holy castle

He has lost the war

Sent way way afar.

I will forever praise you

Until He stumbles and quit.
Until the day

He is chained into the pits

When i said yes to Jesus| a testimony


She had A mind that had already plan her destiny, she was tired of being nice, she planned to become wicked, to party all night and be disrespectful all day.
She planned to go clubs, manipulate guys and Start back drinking. She had it all planned out.
But Jesus had other things planned out for her This is part of my story.

When i said Yes! to JESUS, it was on a sunny sunday afternoon during an afternoon church service.

I entered as someone embraced to hatred, anger,bitterness, lover of the world and worldly things, filled with unforgiveness and a mind of revenge. Lover of alcohol (i called it my milk)
The day i said yes to Jesus was in a church. In France, Bordeaux. I didn’t plan for it to be that day, nor that way. It was my first time going there anyways.
I expected it to be like every other time when i went to church, sleepy sermons(excuse my language, that’s how i used to feel) and hypocrites all around. But no that place was filled with the Holy spirit. But why me, why that day?
I was sittings right at the back as usual, accompanied by my family and friends(the people who invited us).

My disable little heart cousin and my disable sister was crying so they brought them up to pray for them, then my other sister began to cry because the younger ones were crying.

A nice lady told me to bring her up as well, i didn’t want to at all.
Why should i, i hated being in big crowds having people look at me, that’s actually one of the many reasons i didn’t want to get baptized, for me it was a spectacle, just being dropped in water and people infront of you making noise clapping, gazzing at you.
Few minuites before saying yes to Jesus i was walking my sister up at the front(the altar) just to support her and my family that was all up crying.

I was kind of upset i find they were making a scene, few minuites of being hard hearted and judgemental , the Holy spirit brought me down to my knees.

And there i was, i started feeling strange like weak and hot at the same time, i thought to myself probably my lady problems is on her way, but then my legs begans to tremble i couldn’t understand what was going on nor could i resist it.

i closed my eyes and its like i was the only one in the room, everything was completely black not even a glimse of light were found. And boom i found myself trembling, screaming and crying down on my knees. It’s like the Lord was telling me it’s time!
What’s happening, why me! i thought to myself
I was and I’m still sure it was the Holy spirit because i disliked and still dislike making scenes and especially crying infront of people, what happened was stronger that me. That no matter how hard my heart was i just couldn’t resist the Lord’s presence and power.

Few minuits later a lady helped me stand up, i was in complete shock! i couldn’t believe what just happened.
My family, especially my sisters were looking at me, asking me if I’m okay, and i was there like “I’m fine” , i wasn’t in the mood to speak to anyone.
On our way home while i was on the tram, i kept thinking of what just happened, my life and what do i really want in life.
That was the second i said yes to Jesus. Yes okay you made your point i truly believe that God exists and no heart is too hard for Him to soften, touch and speak to.

After what happened to me there was no way i could remain the same way and continue thinking and living the way i used to. I wanted more, so i said Yes Jesus, but please help me, guide me and show me more.

The moment you really meet or feel Jesus’s presence and find proof of His existence there’s no way you can go back living the same way.

The blind man that lives

How does He do it?
He lives like theirs no tomorrow
He lives as if he sees
He lives like he has no sorrow
At times i wish to hand him my eyes
Just to borrow.
He lives in a studio
made out of bricks and stones
Speaking to himself
with different tones.
As if he’s creating company to himself by himself
It’s sad but he’s happy
And that’s amazing!
He doesn’t allow his visual handicap to hold him down
In my book he deserves a crown.
He has machines and robots
to help him out
which led me to understand
what technologie is all About.
He is incredible
despite his state
he always gets to put a smile
on my face
i feel so terrible.
here i go darkly nagging away
but this man shines
with joy everyday
I don’t know how he does it
but he has his ways.
To the blind man that lives
you’ve won a goal
i have not yet achieve.
You never complain
Even if you are bothered
even if you are in pain
through you brother
i’m sure the LOrd forever reigns.
©Berta 26/11/2018

How can i move on!?

I always asked myself that question when i used to be in situations or relationships that wasn’t good for me, that drained down my happiness and inner peace.
The types of sophisticating relationships you have to move on from in order to preserve your peace:
– Love affair/ marriage
– Parents
– friendship
– Food addict/drink
– the old you/ your past
– Job/ boss/ colleague
I finally took the decision to move on. It wasn’t an easy task because past pain was holding me back, along with fear. I was scared of not getting to let go and of being alone or if I do I wondered what would that person and others think.
But I’ve learned one thing in life. In order to truly be happy you have to move on and STOP caring about THIS AND THAT ONE point of view.

I believe i was helped to help others, so here are some tips on how to move on from:
– abusive relationship – toxic friendship
– suffering childhood – narcissistic parents – manipulation
– abandoned – humiliation – being bullied
How did you do it, You ask?


– admit to yourself you are in pain
– ask God to help you move on from it
– forgive yourself for allowing you to get into that mess
-forgive people that caused you pain
– maintain a healthy relationship with God
– begin an activité that will help you not think about your pass

A little story

One day there was a young lady, she wept and wept day and night most of the times in secret she would cry herself to sleep, and cry herself home. But as soon as she saw a someone she had this face mask on to portray as ” everything is okay” face.
Until one day she had enough, enough of people’s gossip, enough of being manipulated by a particular family member, tired of being lied to by men.
She realized no one could help her because no one really understood, all they’d do with the information given to them is go out and gossip even more about her.
That night right after eating her dinner, she washed her dishes and went to her bed, typical night ritual, she lay down, turned on her television, and began to cry and cry and cry, she sat on her bed, holding her chest as she wept, her eyes were so filled with tears she could bearly see anything in the room, not even the lights.
She cried out God! God!, if you are there and you are listening to me I am begging you to please help me, I can’t take it anymore the pain is too much, please help me out of this situation. I want to be finally happy in my life help me move on.
The next day she woke up and wrote down every toxic person’s name and pledged to herself to move on. Every morning she said to herself I am going to move on from(the person’s name). she forgave herself and forgave the people in particular. She spoke to God about the problem every day and trusted He would help her out.
As the days went by, she suddenly realized she had the courage to carry on with her life, she left her family, her lying boyfriend, and hypocrite friends and started living a peaceful life.

You don’t need to believe me or what i wrote, but you can give it a try, it doesn’t matter who the person may be, your mom, siblings, husband, wife boss if they are hurting you and you are looking for a way out and you tried on your own but you keep going back, just give this a try.
See you soon…

A letter to the I AM| poem

The I AM, that’s your name forever
Alpha and Omega who is greater than you?
My protector!
No one can love me as much as you do.
You never allow anyone to hurt those that are yours, those that love you, those that restrict their flesh to please your spirit and respect your laws.
I pray and hope that I am pleasing you, although I know despite my many faults you still consider me yours. Though my flesh is weak my spirit is willing I pray that one day I join the angels as they sing Holy Holy Holy is the Lord The Almighty who was and is and is still yet to come.

your dear daughter.

©berta 20-11-18

The Creator and nature| poems 📚


Looking at the sky, with all these different insects and birds as they fly.
They open their wings and fly so high. But people wonder how did they get there?
A human cannot make such, for a human makes children, children are conceived in the womb of a woman.
why Is it so hard for us to accept that there’s a mighty creator?
A creator that has a creative mind and created nature.
Does nature have its own ways and behaviors?

Yes, well perhaps,
I can tell by the way it acts during winter.
Then again only the creator could create such.
The way the snow comes down from the sky, there’s no way we could create these, no matter how much we’d try.
It’s so confusing at night when the stars appear,
And by day they disappear
Have you ever noticed how the moon changes its form?
One moment it’s round like a bomb then the other it’s transformed In a shape looking beaten by the storm.


What about the rain can Tom make that happen, questions that came through my mind quite often. Well as a kid of course.  The Weatherman comes on the news and creates rumors.

Isn’t it funny when they say stay indoors for there is a flood?
But then the creator, turns their alarms into a sunny day for the farms?
I should be honest, I do laugh at times because my creator created his nature with no failure. And only allow it to be calm for his chosen Sailors.

Honor the passion of Jesus|a thought

Honor the passion of Jesus.jpgHi, guys, it’s Berta again, I’m on the bus on my way to work and this came back to my mind, and I just felt the need to share it with you guys.

I kept asking myself, why in the past I never believed and appreciated or should I say Honor the act Jesus Christ did on the cross for my sins, and also why don’t many believe in HIM and HIS love for us.

Isaiah 53:3-6

3-  He was despised and rejected a man of sorrows, acquainted with deepest grief. We turned our backs on him and looked the other way. He was despised, and we did not care.4-  Yet it was our weakness he carried; it was our sorrows that weighed him down. And we thought his troubles were a punishment from Bible honor the passion of Jesus.JPGGod, a punishment for his own sins! 5-  But he was pierced for our rebellion, crushed for our sins. He was beaten so we could be whole. He was whipped so we could be healed.6-  All of us, like sheep, have strayed away. We have left God’s paths to follow our own. Yet the Lord laid on him the sins of us all.

Check this out guys, imagine if you were a mean bad person, selfish, imagine if you were a thief, murderer or locked up in jail for something that you were actually guilty of, and one day during your times of imprisonment, or of wicked acts or even of sufferings.

Your dad would allow your brother, ( perhaps some would say I don’t have a brother, well your sister ) to do the time in your place, or take up the sufferings, or even take the death sentence in your place, wouldn’t you honor them and be grateful all your life? And what if he gave you few bits of advice before living, so you can carry on a better and happy life, wouldn’t you also honor their memory by obeying?

Well, friends, this is the same thing with Jesus Christ, some of us are liars, thieves, homosexuals, murderers, selfish, bitter and the list goes on. But our father the I AM? allowed HIS one and only perfect obedient son, to take up all our pain, our wicked acts, our place, our death sentence so we can continue to live, to be free, happy, shameless.

And his advice to us for a better life is found in the new testament example    (Matthew, mark, luke). So isn’t it logical to honor HIM honor HIS memory and follow the advice He gives us to live a joyful life? His action is an act of love that in my opinion deserves to be honored for the eternity of times.

I’m not telling you what to do, but I’m advising you to think of what you just read and do what you think is right.

See you soon 



You have value|a thought 💭

For God so loved the world that HE gave HIS one and only beloved son, that whoever believes in HIM shall not perish but have Eternal life. (John 3:16)

This verse means so much if only we could realise the love that THE I AM has for us , our behaviours would be way different towards HIM. i agree we aren’t and can never be perfect but we can please GOD despite our flaws, and atleast try.

I just want to encourage some one out there a teenager, a Young lady, Young man, an elder also a child . Please Don’t allow anyone to make you feel unlove or unwanted or not good enough, you are good enough
For the ladies: you are beautiful, smart, important, fun to be with, Worth way more than gold, silver, perls or rubbies you are worth more than few dollar bills, you are Worth way more than some nights on a bed, you deserve the best. Don’t allow any abuse physical, mental, emotional none none none at all.
For the men: You are handsome, intelligent, worthfull, capable of, you are a man, you can make it without hurting anyone, you are great, you are wonderful and useful to a woman. Be a good man, Don’t follow the footsteps or your dad, and Don’t allow past pain to strip away your futur of happiness.
If anyone tells you guys the contrary doesn’t matter who it is: mother, father, friends, grandparents, any family memeber, teacher, boss, president, co-worker, a millionaire, Church member… Just look back and tell them that’s a lie , i am worthfull, i am important i have value so much that the Creator of this earth had an eye on me and gave all my faults to HIS only perfect son just so i can be free.

I have been through it and i know how it feels, but i didn’t allow it to keep me down i pray that you Don’t as well.

Blogger recognition Award

blogger recognition award.JPG


First of all I would love to apologize to @Keyslayy for taking so long to do this, I’m embarrassed, I was so busy these days I didn’t have time, I also want to thank you for nominating me as blogger recognition award, this means allot to me and i’m happy that my blog posts inspires you because that’s why i do it in the first place to encourage and inpiire others.

check out her blog you guys she is awesome: keyslayy

Here are the Award Rules

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award
3. Give a brief story of how your blog got started
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
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How I started my blog :

Well, I started my blog in November 2017, but then I stopped because I didn’t believe in me, at that time I was going through allot. But then around the month of September 2018, the Lord reminded me( yes I have a relationship with Jesus) He reminded me about the blog and about the poems and many other things that i was supposed to do on the blog that the Holy Spirit inspired me to write, so I just believed and started without even questioning and here I am today. With joy.


You can read my first blog post poem 

You complete me

My two pieces of advice for blogging are:

  •  First don’t start blogging to be famous, blog because you love it and the topic you will be blogging about, do it with love, fun, and joy. and remember to interact with other bloggers don’t be selfish. Encourage others and you will get the encouragement you deserve


  • Don’t get upset just because everyone doesn’t like your blog post, everyone doesn’t like what you like and that’s totally okay, it’s better to be part of a community that can relate to your post, so go ahead and join it, BE PATIENT, please with time you’ll get there.


Here are my incredible awesome nominees: 


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Love dedication|poems

Love dedication poem

Would you catch me if I fall?

Would you be my protector

and stand tall

If I was trapped would you break down the walls

and save me from my enemy’s palms?

If I left you, yet needed you

Would you pick up my calls

And what If I was attacked

would you defend me or stand there and stall.

I know you won’t do these things for me

Your love has a limit

You’d abandon me in a minute

But hey, that’s okay

Because I found someone better than you

I met Him on a special day

If I need Him He’ll stay!

When I’m depressed

He comforts me

and even when I pray

I never met someone like Him

I must say.

He is perfect, He is great

I can finally say

I found my soul mate

He placed in my heart

A sweet everlasting love and I’m so so passionate

Today I can stand before you with faith

And say I have found love, real love true love An everlasting love

That can only come from above.

That love that lasts eternally

I probably can’t hear Him Physically

But I do spiritually

He has covered me with a love that binds me to Him in perfect harmony

His spirit dwells around me

Comforting me from inside out

Protecting me from north to south

Defending me, oh that I Have no doubt

Every demon found in me has been cast out

Why should I look for another lover,

When my Jesus is a wonder

They said soon you’ll leave Him

My response to all of you is, never!

Why would I ever look for another?

That’s not clever!

Experiencing His love and joy while I was lonely, was my everyday prayer

Now that I’ve received it

I intend to keep it


©Berta HENRY     30 October 2018

The apple of my eyes|poems

Hosea 2:19-20

19:  I will make you my wife forever, showing you righteousness and justice, unfailing love and compassion.
20:  I will be faithful to you and make you mine, and you will finally know me as the Lord.

You are the apple of my eyes, yes you are

You are the apple of my eyes, yes you are

you are mine, my beautiful creature, created in my image
I AM perfect, and you are in my image, so I created you perfectly

You are the apple of my eyes, yes you are 

I love you, believe me, I do
tell me who reveals to you the plans and names of your enemies? 
who exposes every wolf disguised in sheep clothing in your life?
tell me, who fights your battles even when you are so quietly asleep as quiet as a newborn baby  

I do, because, you are the apple of my eyes, yes you are

I get angry when they make you cry, your tears are all so precious to me
I rage when they break your heart, an organ so fragile, your heart, my home
a place where you gave me the keys, a place where I dwell in to speak to you
my perfect creature, I care about you, yes I do

You the apple of my eyes

I love you, more than gold
and cherish you, more than rubies and pearls, way more than this world
I took my time with you because you are my number one
I gave you power over everything because you are my number one
I love you so much, I sent my son down on earth to bear every pain in your place

Oh, my precious, you are the apple of my eyes, yes you are

Believe that no one can hurt you, they can no longer deceive you, no one, no one!
I’ve sent the lion of Judah to fight your enemies
do you see how they rush to destroy you, but once they’re in front of you they stumble and fall, even they know that

you are the apple of my eyes, yes you are.

© Berta henry                                                                                                                         July 2018

I wrote this poem in the month of July 2018, I was going through what I would call “the betrayal season” have you ever been betrayed by someone you are very close to, someone you trusted deeply the feeling is like a mixture of (surprised marinated with anger blended with sadness) And I just needed Jesus’s help to move on and get over it, because it was draining me out.

I was sitting on my bed feeling so devasted, and the Lord began to speak to me reminding me how He revealed to me what that person was doing against me and gave me the ability to confront them just in time before greater damages were made. And He began to tell me how much He loves me and won’t allow anyone to hurt me anymore. Like this verse in the bible says, and it’s so true.

Isaiah 54:17

17:  But in that coming day no weapon turned against you will succeed. You will silence every voice raised up to accuse you. These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the Lord, their vindication will come from me. I, the Lord, have spoken.









A verse |poems

a verse a day poems

A verse a day

can make a way,

It will Open every door

bringing success to the poor

A verse a day

Brings joy your way

So stop the stressing

Don’t give up

Keep on pressing

One day the Lord

Will Send down your blessing.

A verse a day

Breaks chains by the way

The Bible isn’t a game

Respect it, bravely!

no need to be a shame

I can’t seem to understand

Why do humans declaim

their only weapon

rejecting the Almighty’s Son

Using wickedness for fun.

But do you know

That when The I AM comes

There will be nowhere to run?

So read a verse a day

the key is in your hands

The word!

Through it, He leads the way

follow Him quickly

Because on this earth

You soul, will NOT forever stay.

©Berta Henry     22 October 2018

Few Bible verses


James 1:21

21:  Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.

John 1:1

1:  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1:14

14:  The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

I’m Berta and you just had a lil moment with Jesus we hope to see you next time.

Give it all to HIM


free from atlas stonesSome of you have been carrying an atlas stone on your shoulder for years now, you have been walking with it for so long now, breaking down your shoulders, they are in pain, you wake up in the middle of the night in deep tears, waking up depressed.


The sad thing is while you have been carrying these heavy stones, you asked people around you for help, just to ease the pain a little bit. But no one accepted, because it was too heavy and they didn’t want to participate in your pain.

Funny thing is while you were seeking help from the people around you, there was someone right beside you, all along even before you had that weight fall upon you.

He has been begging you to give it to HIM to carry, HE proposed HIS help but you refused, HE sent people to tell you, that HE loves you so much HE is willing to take the atlas stone from you and carrying it for free and eternally, yet you rejected their message and HIS help.

But my question is, what good has it brought you? Right now you are still in pain, crying every night, it’s having a great impact on your heart, emotions, mind and through your actions.

But it’s not too late, can I just encourage you right now? Can I just give you a free ticket, a freeway out, can I give you a place to put that weight down and leave it there forever? Can I just help you, my fellow friends, can I ?

Can I send you to my Best Friend, my psychologist HE’S a specialist that can actually help you because HE truly cares and takes HIS job very seriously?  Brother, sister, my dear friends, and family let me present to you my psychologist

His name is JESUS CHRIST, you can go to HIM any time and anywhere around the world but most of all you don’t even need to leave your home nor do you have to pay for the consultation, you can speak to HIM freely wherever you want, YES! WHEREVER, even in your room.

Matthew 6:6

6:  But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.


It’s not just the physical bedroom in your home but the spiritual room in your heart. A place where no one can enter or disturb, it’s just you and HIM.

I once was carrying my own atlas stone, wandering around, seeking help from others that clearly didn’t want to partake in my pain, and hey who can blame them? but one day out of nowhere, HE came to me and said:

Matthew 11-28

28:  Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

“Let me just give him a shot, I have nothing to lose anyway,”  I said

The moment I tried trusting HIM and allowing HIM to take down the atlas stone off my shoulders, boy did I feel free and great things began to happen in my life, right now I have Baby night rests, laughing mornings and joyful days.  Every day isn’t perfect but as long as HE’S by my side, everything seems great.


And indeed, I had nothing to lose, but everything I gained !!!  

Trust me the moment you humble yourself before him, admit you are in pain, put away your pride and lay down that atlas stone at HIS feet, that’s the moment you will gain real happiness and freedom, filled with joy a joy you have never felt and can never feel even if you were a millionaire married to the most handsome man/ beautiful woman on this entire earth ..

Romans 15-13

13:  May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.


I’m Berta and you just had a lil moment with JESUS hope to see you next time

Mon JÉSUS m’aime

Parfois, nous nous sentons si seuls, indignes et non aimés, peut-être après une rupture, à cause de notre famille et de nos amis, et parfois nous ne nous aimons pas personnellement et c’est pendant cette saison que Jésus nous rappelle de son amour pour nous.

en marchant et en parlant à Jésus, il a prononcé ces mots dans mon cœur, qui sont entrés comme un poème et cela m’a vraiment réconforté, je prie que cela réconforte quelqu’un qui on a besoin.

new life with Jesus love poem

Mon JESUS m’aime

Mon Jésus m’aime
Oui, il m’aime
Il est mort sur la croix juste pour moi
Il m’a libéré de la captivité

Oh mon Jésus m’aime
Oui, il m’aime
Il a été crucifié au calvaire
Pour me tirer des pièges de l’ennemi
Maintenant je suis réconcilié avec le Tout-Puissant

Oh mon, oh mon
mon Jésus m’aime
Ses actions me touchent vraiment
Il m’a donné une nouvelle opportunité
Et même si j’étais mondain

il m’a quand-même considéré digne 

d’être aimé, soigné
Et bien plus encore

Lorsque j’ai renoncé à moi,
il était là pour me dire je t’aime
je crois en lui et en son amour pour moi
Jésus m’aime

si vous vous sentez mal aimé ou pas digne d’être aimé par quelqu’un d’autre, lisez et méditez sur ce poème et si vous vous ressentez toujours la même chose, lisez ceci la parole de notre Dieu qui lui-même prouve son amour indéfectible pour nous.

Jean 3:16
16:  Car Dieu a tant aimé le monde qu’il a donné son fils unique, afin que quiconque croit en lui ne périsse pas mais ait la vie éternelle.

Apologies to my blog readers 😔

Hi guys 👋 🤗

First off happy new years to you all, wishing you guys all the best, many blessings guidance and protection of the Lord upon you all. I pray that He open doors for you all, and opens the gates of heaven that He rains down blessings and favors to you all. 🤗❤️💐

I just wants to apologize to everyone for not posting as often as before I’m not lazy or giving up, no no no.

I’m actually on vacation and i don’t have internet as much as i normally do.

But I’m trying to keep up, many blog post are on their way, when I’m back home.

Thanks for understanding, blessings bye 😘

The Lord is my shepherd

Lord you are my shepherd

I have all that i need in you

You renew my strength

Whenever i become weak.

Whenever i take a wrong turn

You guide me along right paths,

allowing me to bring honor to your name.

Life and disappointment brings fear to my heart

But my spirit reminds me that

You are always close besides me.

When I’m in trouble, you protect me

For that i know,

i can walk in the deepest darkness valley and not be afraid.

when i cry you comfort me.

When my surroundings are secretly against me, waiting earnestly for my downfall

you lift me up, preparing a feast for me in their presence.

I know I’m not perfect, so because of your unfailing love, you honor me by anointing my head with oil.

My life overflows with your blessings Your goodness and unfailing love will persue me all the days of my life

I pray, while I’m on this lost earth, to Remain in your presence, that i may be pleasing to you.

So you may call me your daughter, and not be ashame of me, a sinner trying to follow your son Jesus. Hoping to live in your house forever, OH Lord.

God’s mighty acts

Hi guys it’s been a while now since i haven’t posted, you know it’s Christmas time, preparations family and all.

But I’m here 👋, during these times of (blog silence) 🤫 the Lord has been showing how great, faithful and loving He is to the people that seeks Him.

I don’t care what anyone has to say God is faithful, He is listening to us and He do answer prayers.

So please don’t give up, that thing you are praying for whatever it is

( reconciliation, Love, healing, marriage, deliverance, wealth)

whatever it is ask and you shall receive it, believe that you have it already and when the times comes you will proclaim His mighty acts in your life like I’m doing today you will realize the amazing things He has and is doing in your life and you will rejoice and praise Him for He is good and trustworthy.

This is a little verse that touched my heart this morning because it is so real right now, His words are really Him.

Psalm 64:9-10

9 All people will fear;
they will proclaim the mighty acts of God
and realize all the amazing things he does.

10 The godly will rejoice in the Lord
and find shelter in him.
And those who do what is right will praise him.

👋 See you guys very soon 👋

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