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My vision about dancing for the king

Psalm 149:3

Let them praise his name with dancing

and make music to him with timbrel and harp.

My vision about dancing for the king

When i was in my deepest darkest moments I felt so lonely There was no one to hold me.

I remember begging you for help, oh king today i realize your promise to me has been kept.

That night after praying and crying to you. Down on my knee i closed my eyes hoping all my pain would flee.

Suddenly i saw an image, it was really clear , nothing like a vintage.

There was a giant hand, and two giant feet, something in a form of a man Facing at me from his giant seat.

I couldn’t see His face, he was dressed all in white and His chair in gold. I tried to touch, but it was too holy for me to hold.

I looked up, while getting off my knees i realized my appearance was different,quite frankly i was pleased.

Something like a strong wind blew me at the center of the room,

As i physically started speaking in tongues I spiritual began to hear a song

There were no words in it, Just a sweet melody, i guess was being played by the Holy Spirit. My hands and feet couldn’t resist I closed my eyes and danced and danced and danced for him, for nothing else exist.

Meanwhile My king was restoring my spirit and soul, with a gift that only he can control.

When i opened my eyes There were other people dressed all in white, honestly i admired the sight

We were all dancing the same way I was in the middle, i looked so happy rejoicing away. Then i woke up back to reality, as i continued to pray .

Asking the king to please keep me closer to him, like in that place where his angels dance and sings.


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