Oh poetry | poems

poetry and its effects #poem #poetry

New life with JESUS

Poetry poetry

Such a luxury

It’s existence is a mystery

Not to you, but to me

I love writing

I love poetry

It calms me

By the way it allows me

To empty out my heart you see.

Oh poetry!

You existed way before history

Way before way before

Animals and humanity

I wonder who they think created you

Perhaps scientists perhaps chemistry

No no my friends

It comes from the Almighty

He creates the best poetry

Everly ever made

The inspiration comes from Him actually

Take a peek in the Bible you’ll see

In Genesis

The way Adam described eve.

Thank you Almighty

For gifting us with poetry

You knew someone like me

Would need to be empty

Through writing writing writing

What my mouth cannot say

What my friends and family cannot see.

© Berta HENRY

16 October 2018

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