Love dedication|poems

Love dedication poem

Would you catch me if I fall?

Would you be my protector

and stand tall

If I was trapped would you break down the walls

and save me from my enemy’s palms?

If I left you, yet needed you

Would you pick up my calls

And what If I was attacked

would you defend me or stand there and stall.

I know you won’t do these things for me

Your love has a limit

You’d abandon me in a minute

But hey, that’s okay

Because I found someone better than you

I met Him on a special day

If I need Him He’ll stay!

When I’m depressed

He comforts me

and even when I pray

I never met someone like Him

I must say.

He is perfect, He is great

I can finally say

I found my soul mate

He placed in my heart

A sweet everlasting love and I’m so so passionate

Today I can stand before you with faith

And say I have found love, real love true love An everlasting love

That can only come from above.

That love that lasts eternally

I probably can’t hear Him Physically

But I do spiritually

He has covered me with a love that binds me to Him in perfect harmony

His spirit dwells around me

Comforting me from inside out

Protecting me from north to south

Defending me, oh that I Have no doubt

Every demon found in me has been cast out

Why should I look for another lover,

When my Jesus is a wonder

They said soon you’ll leave Him

My response to all of you is, never!

Why would I ever look for another?

That’s not clever!

Experiencing His love and joy while I was lonely, was my everyday prayer

Now that I’ve received it

I intend to keep it


©Berta HENRY     30 October 2018

Published by bertahenry

Simply a follower of JESUS Christ

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