The Creator and nature| poems ðŸ“š


Looking at the sky, with all these different insects and birds as they fly.
They open their wings and fly so high. But people wonder how did they get there?
A human cannot make such, for a human makes children, children are conceived in the womb of a woman.
why Is it so hard for us to accept that there’s a mighty creator?
A creator that has a creative mind and created nature.
Does nature have its own ways and behaviors?

Yes, well perhaps,
I can tell by the way it acts during winter.
Then again only the creator could create such.
The way the snow comes down from the sky, there’s no way we could create these, no matter how much we’d try.
It’s so confusing at night when the stars appear,
And by day they disappear
Have you ever noticed how the moon changes its form?
One moment it’s round like a bomb then the other it’s transformed In a shape looking beaten by the storm.


What about the rain can Tom make that happen, questions that came through my mind quite often. Well as a kid of course.  The Weatherman comes on the news and creates rumors.

Isn’t it funny when they say stay indoors for there is a flood?
But then the creator, turns their alarms into a sunny day for the farms?
I should be honest, I do laugh at times because my creator created his nature with no failure. And only allow it to be calm for his chosen Sailors.

Published by bertahenry

Simply a follower of JESUS Christ

2 thoughts on “The Creator and nature| poems ðŸ“š

  1. Wow sooo powerful , words of wisdom about our creator and what He have created.
    Thank you God for giving your daughter the wisdom to see you, know you and to understand your wisdom, principles and to love you more.
    Bless you Berta

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