How can i move on!?

I always asked myself that question when i used to be in situations or relationships that wasn’t good for me, that drained down my happiness and inner peace.
The types of sophisticating relationships you have to move on from in order to preserve your peace:
– Love affair/ marriage
– Parents
– friendship
– Food addict/drink
– the old you/ your past
– Job/ boss/ colleague
I finally took the decision to move on. It wasn’t an easy task because past pain was holding me back, along with fear. I was scared of not getting to let go and of being alone or if I do I wondered what would that person and others think.
But I’ve learned one thing in life. In order to truly be happy you have to move on and STOP caring about THIS AND THAT ONE point of view.

I believe i was helped to help others, so here are some tips on how to move on from:
– abusive relationship – toxic friendship
– suffering childhood – narcissistic parents – manipulation
– abandoned – humiliation – being bullied
How did you do it, You ask?


– admit to yourself you are in pain
– ask God to help you move on from it
– forgive yourself for allowing you to get into that mess
-forgive people that caused you pain
– maintain a healthy relationship with God
– begin an activité that will help you not think about your pass

A little story

One day there was a young lady, she wept and wept day and night most of the times in secret she would cry herself to sleep, and cry herself home. But as soon as she saw a someone she had this face mask on to portray as ” everything is okay” face.
Until one day she had enough, enough of people’s gossip, enough of being manipulated by a particular family member, tired of being lied to by men.
She realized no one could help her because no one really understood, all they’d do with the information given to them is go out and gossip even more about her.
That night right after eating her dinner, she washed her dishes and went to her bed, typical night ritual, she lay down, turned on her television, and began to cry and cry and cry, she sat on her bed, holding her chest as she wept, her eyes were so filled with tears she could bearly see anything in the room, not even the lights.
She cried out God! God!, if you are there and you are listening to me I am begging you to please help me, I can’t take it anymore the pain is too much, please help me out of this situation. I want to be finally happy in my life help me move on.
The next day she woke up and wrote down every toxic person’s name and pledged to herself to move on. Every morning she said to herself I am going to move on from(the person’s name). she forgave herself and forgave the people in particular. She spoke to God about the problem every day and trusted He would help her out.
As the days went by, she suddenly realized she had the courage to carry on with her life, she left her family, her lying boyfriend, and hypocrite friends and started living a peaceful life.

You don’t need to believe me or what i wrote, but you can give it a try, it doesn’t matter who the person may be, your mom, siblings, husband, wife boss if they are hurting you and you are looking for a way out and you tried on your own but you keep going back, just give this a try.
See you soon…

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