The blind man that lives

How does He do it?
He lives like theirs no tomorrow
He lives as if he sees
He lives like he has no sorrow
At times i wish to hand him my eyes
Just to borrow.
He lives in a studio
made out of bricks and stones
Speaking to himself
with different tones.
As if he’s creating company to himself by himself
It’s sad but he’s happy
And that’s amazing!
He doesn’t allow his visual handicap to hold him down
In my book he deserves a crown.
He has machines and robots
to help him out
which led me to understand
what technologie is all About.
He is incredible
despite his state
he always gets to put a smile
on my face
i feel so terrible.
here i go darkly nagging away
but this man shines
with joy everyday
I don’t know how he does it
but he has his ways.
To the blind man that lives
you’ve won a goal
i have not yet achieve.
You never complain
Even if you are bothered
even if you are in pain
through you brother
i’m sure the LOrd forever reigns.
©Berta 26/11/2018

Published by bertahenry

Simply a follower of JESUS Christ

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