We shouldn’t pray to God only when we need something| a thought 💭

Hi my beloved readers how are you all doing today?

i’ve noticed that most of us intend to talk to GOD only when we are desperately in need of something. But It’s not really kind of us to pray to God only when we need and want something.

Praying is talking to God, a communication between the King and His people.

Imagine having a child or friend that only comes to you when they need and wants something from you, you’d feel bad right?

I know i would because it happened many times to me, and i felt horribly heartbroken.

I could only imagine how God feels. I can’t say i can because i can’t compare myself to Him and i don’t have kids yet But i can just imagine can you?

Imagine the one that created you and created emotions,how He feels. He too has feelings, i mean we are created in His image so emotions come with it too.

He too feels sad when we treat Him as if He’s not important to us until we need something. He too wants us to be and communicate with Him, isn’t that why He created us? So He can have a big family to share all what He has with?

So why not speak to Him, pray to Him, all through the day. While you are walking thank Him for the weather, for the day, for waking you up, for all what you have and also for what you doesn’t have. I don’t think that would waist a bit of minutes of your day. I think you would actually have the greatest day ever!!!!!

What do you think? 🤔

If incase you’ve tried it out or have been thinking about it but you’re having a hard time, leave it all in the comments below, i always wished someone could help me out with this,i was gracefully helped by the Holy Spirit. Today i pray that i can help you as well.

see you soon 


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