Get rid of jealousy

Jealousy belongs to the enemy

Jealousy is something than can destroy ones heart. It pushes you to become envious and develops hatred towards the person you are jealous of.
Jealousy first came from the enemy, one that was once anangel, wanted more than what was given to him,he wanted what the I AM had,which drew to envie towards GOD and His power in the high holy place, we brought chaos int he holy place and was casted out.
As if that wasn’t enough He was jealous of what God created on this earth especially us “HUMANS” God’s peaople God’s family, so he brought darkness upon us through sin, which were performed by Adam and Eve. Jealousy also drove Cain into killing his little brothe Abel.
Jealousy a simple word yet so distructive, drives you in commiting many wicked acts such as:

  • envy schemes
  • covet hatred
  • stealing lies
  • betrayal murder
  • anger rebellion

Acts that also forces one to cast out another from their lives. So lets all preserve our precious heart and keep it as clean as possible.
Instead of allowing such a dark emotion to destroy you, take authority and destroy it first, simply by honoring others and their work. Compliment others when they do something good or achieve a goal in their life,always encourage those that are thriving to make it on this earth.

Be humble and respect the grace that is place in someone’s life.Isn’t it better to be happy for someone rather that to be envious? Remember we aren’t all the same, you don’t know how thet got towhere they are, you don’t know how much tears were tropped,sleepless nights, months of fasting, mourning at 3am to the Lord while you were fast asleep.

Always be anencouragement to others, be humble and the lord will surely life you up because

1peter 5:5
God resists the proud,
But gives grace to the humble.”

you ou never know, perhaps the person you are encouraging could be the same one the Lord can use to lift you up one day, earlier than you may think.

So lets put the enemy to shame by refusing jealousy and everything that comes with it. We are not perfect,and we are all subject to it , I the first, but we all have the power to reject it out of our heart and mind.

I pray that you make the right decision and have a wonderful bless day, hoping to see you very soon 🔜 ☺ 👋.


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