God’s faithfulness| a thought

I just wants to encourage someone today, to confirm to you that God is faithful and His faithfulness is real and undoubted.

Prayer? It’s key to success it’s key to freedom but most of all it’s primordial.

It’s that one special and only key to talk to God and most of all for God to speak back to you, to hear His voice.

If anyone say they doesn’t hear God, just ask them when last did you speak to Him? take time to pray to Him?

You see, we love to sit back and do nothing and expect God to grant us all our needs, we want to receive without giving Him bac, but it doesn’t work like that.

A Relationship with God will allow you to hear His voice then you will have the privilege to see that what He told you really came through and only then through your own experience you will understand when He’s speaking to you and have the conviction that truly God is faithful.

I am going through it right now, there was no way i was going to let this experience pass by, i just had to send out an encouragement to someone out there. To glorify the Lord God’s name.

God is alive, He is listening to us and He do reply and accomplishes His promises, trust Him, speak to Him and you experiment His faithfulness.

See you soon guys. 😘

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