My Elohim

My everything

My morning light

Comforter at night

My eyes when i lose sight

The reason why my smile is so bright

Elohim He is My protector

He is my healer, my only doctor

He saved me, oh He, my savior

My Elohim

Love, He is Love

Showers it down from above

Spirit whiter than a dove’s

Oh Elohim,

You the I Am

Created the first man, Adam,

you are the God of Abraham

You sacrificed your perfect Lamb

To save us all from Being damned

Great Elohim, supreme

So mighty, the Almighty

I lift you up, highly

You are worthy to receive all the glory

Oh Elohim, great Elohim

You are Good indeed

I love you, and no one can come in between

You are the farmer, and i,your seed

Sow me with goodness,and uproot all my sins

On my knees before you, humbly, i plead

Elohim, my only strength

I shall not keep you at arm’s length

How dear me !

Why do we ?

Ungrateful we are to thee

you have gave us everything

Yet we give you nothing.

Woe to us

Unfaithful and unjust

My soul cries out

have mercy upon us !

Sweet Elohim

High and powerful

The world is yours to rule


©Berta 13-09-2018

Published by bertahenry

Simply a follower of JESUS Christ

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