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Stick to the King

Each and every day all i feel and wants is to stick to you
You are my strength 💪
You are my hope 🙇🏾‍♀️
You are my comfort🤗
You are my love❤️
You understand me🙏
You’ll never leave me💖


Crying out for you

It’s not easy

but I’m trying

The battle is hard

But I’m fighting

At times I wants to give up

But i dislike losing

So i lift my head up

And cry “God send down your anointing

My spirit is in pain

When my friends and family

Aren’t listening.

I care about your soul

So my soul is suffocating

Whenever you tell Jesus no.

I beg God each day to take control

To help you with the problems you are facing

To please touch your heart

Allowing you to feel His love, it’s so amazing

Even if today i see no results

I’ll keep on praying

Because i know that God’s faithfulness

Is true and everlasting.

©Berta   21-12-2018

My life for Christ


I was not born a Christian

I wasn’t a believer at a young age

I wasn’t raised in a Christian home far from that.

I gave my life to Christ on my own, it was my personal decision, no one begged me nor forced me neither did they brainwash me like some say.

I became a believer the day He touched me, the day the Holy spirit brought me to my knees. He made me realize that GOD is real . I realized that what the world had to offer wasn’t good enough for me.

The world brought me pain, anger, hatred, disappointment, stress, envy, lust, failure, uninteresting pleasure, brokenhearted, weakness, sickness, dark thoughts, fake love and the list goes on and on.

JESUS has brought me HIS love, true peace, comfort, healing, deliverance, care, gifts and talents, spoils me with blessings, grace, mercy, protection, unmerited favors, inspiration, reconciliation, answers to my many questions.

JESUS coming back for me was the best thing ever happened to me, and me choosing to accept was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life living on this earth.

I refuse to go back, i refuse to allow anyone to come in between what God and I have.

Through temptation, God always made a way out that i may not fall in it, through choosing not to fall back allowed me to realize that I truly Love GOD, and when i say it i can say it boldly. I LOVE YOU MY JESUS

Its hard but if i have to lose everyone just to stay real with Christ and live a life He planned for me since the beginning i will do it.

I hope  this encourages someone, even if you were not a believer that doesn’t mean God doesn’t care about you, He is capable of changing you and using you. God is alive and faithful to HIS people. Don’t allow anyone to come between your relationship with Christ!!!  Don’ give up on GOD cause trust me He will never give up on you, just have faith and be patient.

See you guys very soon 👋 🤗💖

he is trying to take me out|A poem


He keeps playing with my head
To give up
He keeps accusing me
So i could stop
To turn my back away from you
But i haven’t forgot
You allowed me to drink your wine
From your holy cup
Me a nobody.

You made a somebody

not to the world.

But to your home. He thought i was joking when i told you yes! He doesn’t understand when I’m speaking. Now he’s the one in a mess. I will put him to shame, for your name i will Forever proclaim.

Everywhere i go

I Will make you known

To the captive

They are no longer his own

Let whoever think they are better

Cast the first stone

Every workers of inequity

shall forever leave us alone

He has lost the battle

Forever driven out the holy castle

He has lost the war

Sent way way afar.

I will forever praise you

Until He stumbles and quit.
Until the day

He is chained into the pits

The blind man that lives

How does He do it?
He lives like theirs no tomorrow
He lives as if he sees
He lives like he has no sorrow
At times i wish to hand him my eyes
Just to borrow.
He lives in a studio
made out of bricks and stones
Speaking to himself
with different tones.
As if he’s creating company to himself by himself
It’s sad but he’s happy
And that’s amazing!
He doesn’t allow his visual handicap to hold him down
In my book he deserves a crown.
He has machines and robots
to help him out
which led me to understand
what technologie is all About.
He is incredible
despite his state
he always gets to put a smile
on my face
i feel so terrible.
here i go darkly nagging away
but this man shines
with joy everyday
I don’t know how he does it
but he has his ways.
To the blind man that lives
you’ve won a goal
i have not yet achieve.
You never complain
Even if you are bothered
even if you are in pain
through you brother
i’m sure the LOrd forever reigns.
©Berta 26/11/2018

A letter to the I AM| poem

The I AM, that’s your name forever
Alpha and Omega who is greater than you?
My protector!
No one can love me as much as you do.
You never allow anyone to hurt those that are yours, those that love you, those that restrict their flesh to please your spirit and respect your laws.
I pray and hope that I am pleasing you, although I know despite my many faults you still consider me yours. Though my flesh is weak my spirit is willing I pray that one day I join the angels as they sing Holy Holy Holy is the Lord The Almighty who was and is and is still yet to come.

your dear daughter.

©berta 20-11-18

The Creator and nature| poems 📚


Looking at the sky, with all these different insects and birds as they fly.
They open their wings and fly so high. But people wonder how did they get there?
A human cannot make such, for a human makes children, children are conceived in the womb of a woman.
why Is it so hard for us to accept that there’s a mighty creator?
A creator that has a creative mind and created nature.
Does nature have its own ways and behaviors?

Yes, well perhaps,
I can tell by the way it acts during winter.
Then again only the creator could create such.
The way the snow comes down from the sky, there’s no way we could create these, no matter how much we’d try.
It’s so confusing at night when the stars appear,
And by day they disappear
Have you ever noticed how the moon changes its form?
One moment it’s round like a bomb then the other it’s transformed In a shape looking beaten by the storm.


What about the rain can Tom make that happen, questions that came through my mind quite often. Well as a kid of course.  The Weatherman comes on the news and creates rumors.

Isn’t it funny when they say stay indoors for there is a flood?
But then the creator, turns their alarms into a sunny day for the farms?
I should be honest, I do laugh at times because my creator created his nature with no failure. And only allow it to be calm for his chosen Sailors.