God’s faithfulness| a thought

I just wants to encourage someone today, to confirm to you that God is faithful and His faithfulness is real and undoubted.

Prayer? It’s key to success it’s key to freedom but most of all it’s primordial.

It’s that one special and only key to talk to God and most of all for God to speak back to you, to hear His voice.

If anyone say they doesn’t hear God, just ask them when last did you speak to Him? take time to pray to Him?

You see, we love to sit back and do nothing and expect God to grant us all our needs, we want to receive without giving Him bac, but it doesn’t work like that.

A Relationship with God will allow you to hear His voice then you will have the privilege to see that what He told you really came through and only then through your own experience you will understand when He’s speaking to you and have the conviction that truly God is faithful.

I am going through it right now, there was no way i was going to let this experience pass by, i just had to send out an encouragement to someone out there. To glorify the Lord God’s name.

God is alive, He is listening to us and He do reply and accomplishes His promises, trust Him, speak to Him and you experiment His faithfulness.

See you soon guys. 😘

Praying is like breathing

Good morning guys

Colossians 4:2

“Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving;’ Prayer is definitely the life support of anyone. It is the master key that will unlock the solution to every problem, point out the correct route and of course the avenue through which we give thanks. The more we pray the more effective and rewarding our Iives become. How can churches be strong and effective when the members even forget prayer meeting time? That’s like having a cell phone with a dead battery and no charger. Time to pray more.

Have a blessed day. 👋

Awaiting for my spiritual eternal body

2Corinthians 4-5

4 For while we are in this tent, we groan and are burdened, because we do not wish to be unclothed but to be clothed instead with our heavenly dwelling, so that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life.

5 Now the one who has fashioned us for this very purpose is God, who has given us the Spirit as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.

5 Now the one who has fashioned us for this very purpose is God, who has given us the Spirit as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.

he is trying to take me out|A poem


He keeps playing with my head
To give up
He keeps accusing me
So i could stop
To turn my back away from you
But i haven’t forgot
You allowed me to drink your wine
From your holy cup
Me a nobody.

You made a somebody

not to the world.

But to your home. He thought i was joking when i told you yes! He doesn’t understand when I’m speaking. Now he’s the one in a mess. I will put him to shame, for your name i will Forever proclaim.

Everywhere i go

I Will make you known

To the captive

They are no longer his own

Let whoever think they are better

Cast the first stone

Every workers of inequity

shall forever leave us alone

He has lost the battle

Forever driven out the holy castle

He has lost the war

Sent way way afar.

I will forever praise you

Until He stumbles and quit.
Until the day

He is chained into the pits

When i said yes to Jesus| a testimony


She had A mind that had already plan her destiny, she was tired of being nice, she planned to become wicked, to party all night and be disrespectful all day.
She planned to go clubs, manipulate guys and Start back drinking. She had it all planned out.
But Jesus had other things planned out for her This is part of my story.

When i said Yes! to JESUS, it was on a sunny sunday afternoon during an afternoon church service.

I entered as someone embraced to hatred, anger,bitterness, lover of the world and worldly things, filled with unforgiveness and a mind of revenge. Lover of alcohol (i called it my milk)
The day i said yes to Jesus was in a church. In France, Bordeaux. I didn’t plan for it to be that day, nor that way. It was my first time going there anyways.
I expected it to be like every other time when i went to church, sleepy sermons(excuse my language, that’s how i used to feel) and hypocrites all around. But no that place was filled with the Holy spirit. But why me, why that day?
I was sittings right at the back as usual, accompanied by my family and friends(the people who invited us).

My disable little heart cousin and my disable sister was crying so they brought them up to pray for them, then my other sister began to cry because the younger ones were crying.

A nice lady told me to bring her up as well, i didn’t want to at all.
Why should i, i hated being in big crowds having people look at me, that’s actually one of the many reasons i didn’t want to get baptized, for me it was a spectacle, just being dropped in water and people infront of you making noise clapping, gazzing at you.
Few minuites before saying yes to Jesus i was walking my sister up at the front(the altar) just to support her and my family that was all up crying.

I was kind of upset i find they were making a scene, few minuites of being hard hearted and judgemental , the Holy spirit brought me down to my knees.

And there i was, i started feeling strange like weak and hot at the same time, i thought to myself probably my lady problems is on her way, but then my legs begans to tremble i couldn’t understand what was going on nor could i resist it.

i closed my eyes and its like i was the only one in the room, everything was completely black not even a glimse of light were found. And boom i found myself trembling, screaming and crying down on my knees. It’s like the Lord was telling me it’s time!
What’s happening, why me! i thought to myself
I was and I’m still sure it was the Holy spirit because i disliked and still dislike making scenes and especially crying infront of people, what happened was stronger that me. That no matter how hard my heart was i just couldn’t resist the Lord’s presence and power.

Few minuits later a lady helped me stand up, i was in complete shock! i couldn’t believe what just happened.
My family, especially my sisters were looking at me, asking me if I’m okay, and i was there like “I’m fine” , i wasn’t in the mood to speak to anyone.
On our way home while i was on the tram, i kept thinking of what just happened, my life and what do i really want in life.
That was the second i said yes to Jesus. Yes okay you made your point i truly believe that God exists and no heart is too hard for Him to soften, touch and speak to.

After what happened to me there was no way i could remain the same way and continue thinking and living the way i used to. I wanted more, so i said Yes Jesus, but please help me, guide me and show me more.

The moment you really meet or feel Jesus’s presence and find proof of His existence there’s no way you can go back living the same way.

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