God is faithful / a thought

God is faithful When He promise you something or tell you something, trust that it will come to pass. No matter the disappointments, or delay or blockages. He is faithful

Apologies to my blog readers ðŸ˜”

Hi guys 👋 🤗 First off happy new years to you all, wishing you guys all the best, many blessings guidance and protection of the Lord upon you all. I pray that He open doors for you all, and opens the gates of heaven that He rains down blessings and favors to you all. 🤗❤️💐 … Continue reading Apologies to my blog readers ðŸ˜”

Praying is like breathing

Good morning guys Colossians 4:2 "Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving;' Prayer is definitely the life support of anyone. It is the master key that will unlock the solution to every problem, point out the correct route and of course the avenue through which we give thanks. The more we pray … Continue reading Praying is like breathing

he is trying to take me out|A poem

He keeps playing with my head To give up He keeps accusing me So i could stop To turn my back away from you But i haven't forgot You allowed me to drink your wine From your holy cup Me a nobody. You made a somebody not to the world. But to your home. He … Continue reading he is trying to take me out|A poem

The Creator and nature| poems ðŸ“š

Looking at the sky, with all these different insects and birds as they fly. They open their wings and fly so high. But people wonder how did they get there? A human cannot make such, for a human makes children, children are conceived in the womb of a woman. why Is it so hard for … Continue reading The Creator and nature| poems ðŸ“š

Daniel fast Meal ideas

A little idea of the Daniel fast Daniel fast= Abstaining from meat products, dairy products, sweets, alcohol. 1 : Meal - Potatoe - onion - zunchini - green pepper - mushrooms - garlic - olive oil (all pan fried with olive oil) 2 : Dessert Apple - pear - raisin