Positivity in your life

Hello there as you wake up this morning i would just like you to prophesy over yourlife good things, positive vibe and victory!!! Prophesy over your life that no matter how hard things are or will be YOU WILL FOREVER PRAISE JESUS! Put the enemy to shame let him stumble, let him fall, let himContinue reading “Positivity in your life”

You complete me

❤️❤️ ❤️ When I’m in your presence all my fears and shyness disappears. Would i have ever done all these things if i didn’t had you ? No! You give me courage Blessed by your holy spirit with knowledge Today i have wisdom, i pray that i use it in your name And enter yourContinue reading “You complete me”

fight for your eternal life

Last week I added this sentence on my WhatsApp status… “Fight for your eternal life, this life on earth right now is a second chance to be set free from the sin of our first father and mother Adam and Eve. So fight! fight for your freedom, fight for your eternal life with the IContinue reading “fight for your eternal life”