I don’t deserve you / poem

I don’t deserve you I don’t deserve your blessings I’ve been so terrible to you I mingled with your greatest enemy, which is also my enemy. A backstabber that decieved me for many years. Despite it all, Lord, you still Love me, You still care, You still bless me! I DON’T DESERVE it but throughContinue reading “I don’t deserve you / poem”

Honor the passion of Jesus|a thought

Hi, guys, it’s Berta again, I’m on the bus on my way to work and this came back to my mind, and I just felt the need to share it with you guys. I kept asking myself, why in the past I never believed and appreciated or should I say Honor the act Jesus ChristContinue reading “Honor the passion of Jesus|a thought”

Mon JÉSUS m’aime

Parfois, nous nous sentons si seuls, indignes et non aimés, peut-être après une rupture, à cause de notre famille et de nos amis, et parfois nous ne nous aimons pas personnellement et c’est pendant cette saison que Jésus nous rappelle de son amour pour nous. en marchant et en parlant à Jésus, il a prononcéContinue reading “Mon JÉSUS m’aime”

He Loves me|poems 📜

Sometimes we feel so lonely , unworthy and not loved, perhaps after a break up or because of family and friends and at times we personally don’t love ourselves and during that season that’s when Jesus reminds us of his LOVE for us. while walking and speaking to Jesus he spoke these words in myContinue reading “He Loves me|poems 📜”

You complete me

❤️❤️ ❤️ When I’m in your presence all my fears and shyness disappears. Would i have ever done all these things if i didn’t had you ? No! You give me courage Blessed by your holy spirit with knowledge Today i have wisdom, i pray that i use it in your name And enter yourContinue reading “You complete me”